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Welcome to Our Conference!

Registration is open from October 1st through December 5th. A non-refundable school registration fee of $55 is due upon registering.  Late registration (December 6th through December 21st) will incur an increase to $75.  Delegate fees are $25 for Novice and $40 for Advanced. Student advisor fees are $20. Please make all checks out to MVHS MUN and mail to:

Mission Viejo High School MUN

 25025 Chrisanta Drive

 Mission Viejo, CA 92646


Lunch will be provided both days to all delegates, advisors, and student advisors. Final delegate (and student advisor) counts are required by January 7th. If we do not receive any communication from your school/program, we will assume you have filled all spots assigned to you and will be billed accordingly.  Invoices will be sent out when final counts are received or on January 7th (whichever occurs first).


Country/committee assignments will be sent out via email beginning November 5th. Positions papers.  In order to be eligible for research awards, position papers must be submitted to committee chairs no later than January 3rd.

      Novice Schedule-- Saturday, January 18th          Advanced Schedule-- Saturday, January 18th             


           7:30-8:30        Registration                           7:30-8:30         Registration

           8:30-9:15        Opening Ceremonies             8:30-9:15         Opening Ceremonies

           9:30-10:45      Committee Session I               9:30-11:00       Committee Session I 

          10:45-11:00     Break                                  11:00-11:15     Break     

          11:00-12:15     Committee Session II              11:15-12:30     Committee Session II      

           12:15-1:15      Lunch A                               12:30-1:30       Lunch B         

           1:15-3:30        Committee Session III             1:30-3:00         Committee Session III

           3:30-4:00        Break                                  3:00-3:15         Break         

           4:00-4:30        Closing Ceremonies               3:15-4:30        Committee Session IV

                                             Advanced Schedule-- Sunday, January 19th

                                                8:30-10:30        Committee Session V

                                                10:30-10:45      Break

                                                10:45-1:00        Committee Session VI

                                                1:00-2:00          Lunch B

                                                2:00-2:30          Closing Ceremonies