The 38th Annual MVHSMUN Conference is:


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Secretary General

Esther Huang

Hi! My name is Esther Huang and I am the 38th Secretary General for MVHS’s MUN program. This is my third year participating in MUN and I’m incredibly excited for this year’s digital conference. Apart from the time I spend researching nuclear proliferation and coral reef preservation, I’ve been involved in our school’s music, swim, and service programs, and spend my free time reading Austen and maining yellow in Among Us. I’m extremely proud of the strides our program has taken to overcome the COVID-19 crisis by implementing a new digital debate format, something that hearkens back to our theme for this year’s MVHSMUN conference: As astra, per aspera (Through hardship, to the stars). I can’t wait for what this year brings and hope you enjoy your time with us on conference day!